How Much Can You Afford?

A new home purchase will most likely be the biggest investment of your life. If you are like most people looking to buy a new home and do not have the cash available up-front, you will need to borrow some or all of the cost. If you have the cash available to purchase the home outright, you may still want to borrow the money and take advantage of the tax benefits. This is what the lender is used for.

The lender will want to ensure you can afford to make the monthly mortgage payments and will generally only lend you the amount they believe you can afford. The lender will examine closely your current and future financial situations in order to be sure of getting the money back with interest. You may be uncertain about how much you can spend to buy a home. This guide provides some useful tools and information on calculating how much you can afford and how much the lender is likely to loan you.

The worst thing about guessing how much you can afford to spend is that you might be wrong. It is extremely difficult to settle for a home in a lower price range than you had planned if you have already been looking in the higher price range.

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