First Northern Financial Group has been a valued partner of MetLife Home Loans since they opened the doors! First Northern is committed to delivering the correct product and program to their borrowers. Their attention to detail is only surpassed in their knowledge of the industry and options available to deliver quality loans day in and day out. As the industry consolidates, First Northern has expanded its options to help place their customers correctly.

First Northern’s dedicated staff is willing to challenge lending decisions when necessary. The partnership allows for open communication between First Northern and MetLife.  It’s this type of respect that has allowed First Northern to be a top tier broker on my region (New England and New York).  A top tiered broker is not determined by volume alone. Although volume is a major contributor, MetLife reviews quality and performance in determining its top tier brokers.

If we had more brokers like First Northern, our daily workload would be more enjoyable, more profitable and less stressful.

Your customers could not find a better mortgage expert!

Brian T. Burke
District Sales Leader 

Just a note to thank you for the excellent work you have been doing with purchase buyers for me and the other realtors/agents from my office recently.  I am convinced that your honest and forthright in all of your dealings with me and my customers.  You understand the important details that will make the difference in a home sale happening or not.. all upfront!  In today’s constantly changing lending enviroment, that is a real pro.

As you know even if i have a buying prospect that has been prequalified elswhere, I always recommend that they contact FNFG anyway and get a good second opinion/pre-qualification from you.  I trust you when you say you can get it done – it happens.  And, when you know it can happen, you tell me right up-front so neither of us wastes valuable time.  Your professionalism in this regard makes my time much more productive. – Thanks!

I look forward to many more closed sales together over this next year!

Tom Lennon
President  Broker/Owner