Client Testimonials

First Northern,

You are absolutely the dream team!!!!  In all my years dealing with refinancing and financial consultants I have never had someone so up front, so responsive, so smart and so concerned about my interests. 

Is there somewhere on your website that I can write my comments?  Please let me know, as I have more to say, but little time right at the moment.

Nancy let me know yesterday the exact amount and whom to make the check payable to—East Coast Closing and Title. 

Talk with you soon,


Hi Jim,

Wow! It has been a very hectic day here in the office. I am just getting to do this and I wanted to write to you first thing.

I met with Robin last night and signed all the papers for the refinancing. Thanks so much for all your help and work to make this happen for me. In the long run this will save me thousands of dollars. I will continue to pass your name out to people in hopes that you might be able to work some magic for them.

Thanks again,

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks and appreciation. If you have a bulletin board with this type of thing, pin this one up. Feel free to use my testimonial when applicable! On a whole, I am once again blown away by your professionalism. Your confidence in your business acumen is apparent. I am impressed with your attention to detail and most importantly, your wholehearted consideration for my personal goals. You have made this refinance a smooth transition for me and there should be more mortgage brokers out there like you. I also enjoyed meeting with the closing attorney at my house – which by the way, was the most convenient thing ever since I work near Framingham and taking time off from work right now is tough. Paul was extremely polite, professional, and thorough when he came to my home.

I will gladly continue to refer others to you!