Home Buyers Guide to Closing Cost

First Northern Financial Group, Inc. understands the importance of providing and educating home buyers on closing cost. Many 1st-time home buyers are unaware of the additional costs that are incurred when closing a Real Estate transaction, with the exception of the down payment.  There are several costs that you will need to be aware of and have funds available for closing of your home purchase. We have provided a comprehensive list of cost to help guide you.

Closing Cost

Appraisal Fee                           Home Inspection      

Credit report                             Pest Inspection

Underwriting Fee                     Water Test (well)

Processing Fee                            Septic Inspection

Flood Certification                     Homeowners Insurance

Tax Service Fee                           Title Examination

Fuel Oil Adjustment                   Title commitment

Tax Adjustment                           Title insurance                  

Closing/Escrow Fee                     Recording Fees

Discharge Tracking Fee               Courier Fee

Survey Affidavit                            Wire Fee

Mortgage Insurance                     Escrows (Taxes and Insurance)

Doc Prep Fee                                    Mortgage Insurance Premium

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